Replace the old chalkboards

State-of-the-art Classroom Experience

Techno Interactive Flat Panel Display offers a plethora of features that take the remote-education experience for students, as well as teachers, a step ahead. Its numerous interactive and intuitive tools ensure flexibility and reusability for teachers while keeping the classroom learning fun-filled. Students can not only record the classes but also share their assignments through photos and displaying them on the screen.


High-Res online conference

Take your Conference a Step Ahead

Techno Interactive Flat Panel display comes with a 4K UHD screen that allows its users to present charts and multimedia with rich clarity. Built-in apps and cross-platform functionality allow the presenters to orchestrate their content with confidence, and participants can easily interact throughout the meeting effectively and efficiently.


Intuitive corporate partner

Business Meetings were never easy

Techno Interactive Flat Panel is an intuitive technology that is capable of hosting meetings, video conferences and collaboration sessions in an interactional and immersive manner involving all the participants actively.


Easy-to-connect gateway

Facilitate smooth Presentations for Successful Endeavours

Techno Interactive Panel provides an easy-to-connect gateway to various mobile devices of the participants, and the display is capable of showing up to four devices mirrored on the screen in quad-view. The users/participants can easily annotate their own mobile devices and mirror their contents to the interactive display.

Designed to Augment Virtual
Interactive Experience

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